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Our philosophy: using technologies with a great past; experimenting with technologies with a great future. Important technologies do not appear suddenly: Ambient Intelligence was born in 1990, and brings together building automation (1907), domotics (1970), the Internet (1969), mobile computing (smartphones, laptops, tablets – 1977), and AI (1956, with origins dating back to 1943).

The advanced technologies we use today, have been selected, tested and developed by ourselves, in decades of research and experimentation.

At the same time, we continue to investigate the technologies that are proposed as visions for the future.

Artificial Intelligence

Methods allowing for the analysis of big data, reasoning, solving problems, planning, learning and acting accordingly.


Technologies for distributed sensors, wearable and not, and for voice communication.

Cloud computing

It allows to manage in a scalable way the great variety of single installations, guaranteeing reliability, safety, and sustainable costs.


The security of user data, together with the complete traceability of all the decisions taken by Kibi, are managed using blockchain technology.

Home automation

Home automation devices and related standards are consolidated in the market. Teseo integrates, where useful, home automation systems and devices.

Human-Machine Interface

Kibi communicates with the assisted person and caregivers (relatives, services) through a pleasant and effective interface.

Social robots

Machines that can interact and communicate with human beings autonomously and with social behaviours.

Wearable sensors

New types of sensors such as T-shirts, glasses, shoes, ...: Teseo is experimenting with their integration.

Emerging technologies

Teseo pays special attention to emerging or even announced technologies, such as Li-Fi and Holography.


Our philosophy: using technologies with a great past; experimenting technologies with a great future.


It checks the smooth running of daily activities and detects anomalous behaviours, in complete respect for privacy.


From the integration of Ambient Assisted Living technologies to the development of intelligent interfaces and robot systems.


Rosario Nisticò

CEO, Sales

Antonella Giuni


Fulvio Mastrogiovanni


Suha Abuarqub


Paolo Rebuffo

Business Angel

Andrea Rossi

Business Angel

Renato Zaccaria

Technology Transfer

Alessio Capitanelli

Product Manager

Luca Buoncompagni

Solution Architecture

Andrea Nisticò

IoT Design

Carola Motolese

Machine/Deep Learning

Marta Cristofanini

UX/UI Design

Valentina Zaccaria


Raffaele Maurici

Innovation Agency, President
Istituto Italiano di Bioetica,
Member of the Executive Committee



Piazza N. Montano 2a/1
16151 Genova

Ph.: 010 460099
Fax: 010 895 7792

VAT 02366110993

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